Imagine Dragons X Corning Gorilla Glass

Can we create a single social campaign that will reach all KPI’s?
● Social mentions/engagement KPIs
● 1/10th the budget of competitor brands
● Less than 6 months to execute Corning wanted to get increase their base and so we got them to partner with the rock band Imagine Dragons.

The campaign was rolled out in 2 phases.

Phase 1 consisted of an online ARG (Augmented Reality Game) where we tapped the Imagine Dragons to solve a series of 10 puzzles. Crack the codes and input the passwords, you and a friend will be flown out to Vegas to attend a private Imagine Dragons Experience.

In phase 2, the experience included a meet and greet, a private listening party of their unreleased album set with memorabilia from the band’s music videos, and a private 2-hour concert! The concert was covered in the Rolling Stone among other news outlets!

The full Youtube Live concert is below.
Almost broke 1 Million views.
We leveraged our hastag #OriginsLasVegas for social that went very well.

This wildly successful campaign drove up traffic and followers across all of Corning’s social channels and sites.

  • Role Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer
  • For Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Date 2018

The Origins Experience phase 2 fan experience recap video

The Origins Experience recap video

Post experience social video

After the ARG to drive up hype about the concert we had artists from India and China do Imagine Dragons tributes to post on Corning's social pages.
An Indian Tribute to Imagine Dragons Believer by Tushar Lall

A clip of the concert that was streamed from Corning's social page.

A collection of Artwork used in the ARG. At the end of the gallery it is broken down by steps and really how massive this social game was.

Imagine Dragons kicked this campaign off with doing an AR lens that had the 1st clue.

Puzzle #2 - The Landing Page.
Throughout the ARG people would have to put the password that they cracked from the 6 clues.

Puzzle 1 Artwork

Puzzle 2 Artwork

Times running out animation

Concert Mention Artwork

400lb Gorilla branding prop

The Band mentioning Gorilla glass at the end of the concert.

A section of the VIP area that included real Imagine Dragons instruments that came from their music videos.

That is me on the bottom left!

Instagram live that went on during the concert

A few of the VIP's that won the Augmented Reality Game

A shot from the VIP experience before the concert

Branding and set design

Concert logo

Interview area for press

Main poster for the concert

LCD screens outside of the venue The Cosmopolitan.

Custom pin for grab bag

VIP Badge

LCD screen outside of the venue The Cosmopolitan.