Logitech G - Drive to Win (Pro Wheels and Pedals)

PRO Wheel and Pedals deliver an incredibly dynamic and realistic experience. At the same time, in the ethos of the PRO Series, they also perform purely—distraction-free—flawlessly. Logitech and sim racing are inextricably linked. From the early days of racing games to the modern simulation masterpieces that parallel reality—which IRL racing professionals use to train—Logitech G has provided continuous innovation for racing and simulation enthusiasts. Indisputably, we create fan favorites that stand the test of time.

Logitech G partnered with Lando Norris and McLaren to bring a high-action sizzle, Product CG video, Lifestyle photography, and influencer content for the launch of the Pro Wheel and Pedal gaming product.

This unprecedented story is the confident leadership narrative of our campaign. PRO Wheel and Pedals is the ultimate result. DRIVE TO WIN

  • Role ACD Art Director
  • For Logitech
  • Date 2022